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You're Howlarious Wild Things Scented Candle The You're Howlarious Wild Things Scented Candle: Snowflakes fall dancing from the magical sky, in the distance you hear the howling chorus of icy wolves. Frozen hues of lemon and the sparkle of a warm, aromatic cardamom make it magical, while the rich scent of eucalyptus evokes a snow-dusted forest. Special packaging Each unique fragrance has a special packaging with a matching print from the special Wild Things collection. This makes this scented candle a unique and luxurious addition to any interior. The uniqueness of this scented candle is that it is the first candle with a silver lid instead of a gold one. You're Howlarious Wild Things Scented Candle – A unique collection of scented candles and home perfumes & already with delicate scents! Following in the footsteps of English explorers and pioneers, Ashleigh & Burwood's Wild Things collection follows adventures and discoveries around the world. In which a collection of scented souvenirs captures the spirit of the strange and wonderful. The Wild Things collection from Ashleigh & Burwood has a content of 320 grams.