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Yin Yang - Coffee Flavored Black Tea (100g)


In Chinese philosophy, Yin and Yang stand for perfect balance or harmony. With the East meets West culture of Hong Kong, we have our own unique interpretation with this "Coffee Tea". This is a drink that can be found in every local cafe of this lively metropolis. Have you never visited Hong Kong? One sip and you will find yourself in the true colonial culture of this city.

  • Ingredients: Black tea (40.75%), roasted chicory root, roasted mate (6%), licorice root, roasted coffee beans (4.5%), iced coffee flavors, caramel, vanilla, milk
  • Flavour: Seductive and creamy, enhanced by a touch of caramel
  • Taste: A kick of espresso followed by a velvety smoothness
  • Caffeine content: ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚪
  • Instruction for use: 2.5g per 200ml of water (100°C). let it steep for 5 minutes