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The smell of grated Tonka bean is enchanting. Almond, vanilla, forest manure and fresh hay mixed with fruity, spicy notes. Suitable for desserts? Absolutely. And also for cocktails, savory dishes and pastries. Sprinkle Tonka grater on Irish Coffee. Use it in chocolate truffles or crème brûlée, or even alongside sweet fruits such as strawberries and apricots. Why not stir grated Tonka into a creamy tomato soup, to flavor a mayonnaise, with fish or something on the scallops? Grate it with a RIVSALT grater, but use the tonka bean curls sparingly. A little bit is enough to add that delicious, subtle flavor. Our tonka beans come from the north of Brazil, where farmers pick them up and prepare them as soon as they have fallen from the Brazilian teak tree [Dipteryx odorata]. For some cultures, the tonka bean is a good luck charm. For us it's just delicious.