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This must-have for real foodies is a feast for all your senses. Nice grilling on Himalayan salt. The stones are suitable for gas and charcoal BBQs. If it's not BBQ weather, you can also use the stones in the oven, and on the gas or electric hob.

The BBQ Pro set includes a metal holder and two Himalayan salt blocks. 8.5 KG and 38.0 x 22.5 x 6.5 cm. The total cooking surface of Himalayan salt is 30 x 20 cm and the salt blocks are 4.5 cm thick.
The thickness is important for barbecuing at a high temperature. Blocks with less thickness can crack easily.


1. Add oil to the salt surface and heat slowly to create a cooking surface that grills evenly. Livestock, fish, or vegetables it's all possible.

2. Heat slowly, at least the first time to avoid cracking the salt. 20 min on low temperature and 20 min on medium before reaching the optimum cooking temperature.

3. Simply sprinkle a few drops of water on the salt blocks to see if they are up to temperature. If they hiss, they are hot enough.

4 Fry the fish, meat or vegetables as normal. Use metal kitchen tools, not plastic.

5 After baking, let the bricks cool completely to room temperature.

6 Clean the blocks by scraping off any stuck matter and wiping with a sponge. Try to keep the blocks as dry as possible. The less water the better. This prevents the salt from dissolving. Keep them at room temperature.

7. Wash the metal container by hand with mild detergent and water. Do not put in the dishwasher.