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New! Pineut soup! In fact, even four. As you are used to from us, these soups are again one big make-it-yourself delicious feast. And speaking of celebration, our soups are great to give as a gift. There is a suitable variant for every occasion. Whether you go for a spicy lentil, old-fashioned tomato, hearty pea or well-stocked vegetable soup, you'll love it. All our soups are vegan, free from salt, free from preservatives, but packed with vegetables.

Very tasty! Veggies a day, keep the doctor away. And so this delicious vegetable soup is a gift from the heart. Very healthy and at least just as tasty. And then we haven't even mentioned the sultry Italian twist to this otherwise traditional Dutch recipe. The macaroni that mixes so wonderfully with the different vegetables brings you a bite closer to bella Italia with every bite.