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Phalaenopsis Multi Las Vegas H:45cm/ D:12cm

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In winter, the butterfly orchid is best in the sun. But in the summer months, this plant will thank you for shelter from the bright afternoon sun. Water the plant every week but do not leave water in the pot or on the saucer. The plant has thick roots that absorb both air and water. Phalaenopsis can bloom again on an old flower stem. To do this, cut off the spent branch after the first node on the flower branch (with a very small leaf), counting from the plant side. Soon a new flower branch will grow from the dormant bud and you will have flowers again for a long time! Sometimes small plants appear on the flower stem. You can let them grow until they are about 10 cm long and then take them off and pot them up.

The rest period in the natural environment consists of some very dry months of October and November. Due to the many crosses made in this genus, the need for a rest period can be much less. The butterfly orchid may therefore need a rest period in winter. If the plant does not flower, you can move it to a cool bedroom. You give him little or even no water for 6 weeks. Then he can go back to the warm living room. When the plant forms flower stems or blooms, you can leave it quietly in the living room. The Phalaenopsis probably does not need rest then.

*plant is supplied without pot as standard