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Passiflora Constance Elliott H:75cm/ D:16cm 'passionflower'

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Passiflora caerulea 'Constance Elliott' has white flowers with a little blue in it.

Passiflora are climbing plants. Their suture vines allow them to wallow around anything. That is why it is best to plant them protected against a sunny wall or fence from the wind. Because they use trees and other plants as support in the wild, they do not have a strong trunk. Yet they can grow up to 6 meters in one summer season. If you work with garden wire, mesh or other climbing material, the plants can easily attach. However, let them find their own way.
They are fairly hardy to -12°C, but are more sensitive to frost in the first years and then require winter protection. Can freeze to the ground in severe winters, the chance that the roots will also freeze is small, except for plants that are in a pot. In a pot they should always overwinter indoors

Feed in spring and during growth.