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Long Life Brows - white tea - (50g)


the auspicious name comes from the elegant shape of the tea leaves. After all, these closely resemble the eyebrows of Shou Xing, the Taoist God of longevity. The polyphenols in this tea are very powerful at scavenging free oxygen radicals and keeping the number of mutations in a cell to an absolute minimum. In short, drinking this tea regularly will keep you looking young while living longer. Ever heard of the mythical Japanese crane that lived to be over 1000 years old?

  • Ingredients: B iologic Silver Needle white tea.
  • Aroma: A mild lemon scent, followed by the subtle scent of dried Chinese mushrooms.
  • Taste: An uplifting freshness. Feels like an invigorating forest walk on a sunny spring day!
  • Caffeine content: Decaffeinated
  • Instruction for use: 2g per 200ml of water (80°C). Let it steep for 5 - 7 minutes