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KENTIA PALM H:260cm/ D/32cm


The Kentia palm is one of the best palms to have at home. The plant not only looks beautiful, but also filters numerous toxic substances from the air, is easy to maintain and keeps the air moist. This makes the Areca palm one of the most effective and easiest to maintain air-purifying plants.

  • Easy to care for!
  • a of the best air-purifying plants.
  • Removes formaldehyde, benzene, trichlorethylene and toluene from the air.
  • Keep the humidity up.
  • Non-toxic to humans and animals!

The Palm prefers a light position, but not in full sun. Keep the palm well moist, but certainly not too wet, so that the roots do not rot.

The Palm prefers to live in a temperature between 18 to 24 °C

*plant is supplied without pot as standard