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Dracaena marginata H: 160cm


The Dracaena marginata is effective at purifying the air and is a champion at removing the toxic substances xylene and trichlorethylene. The Plant is easy to care for, make sure that the plant always receives sufficient water but is never too wet.

  • Easy to care for!
  • Removes xylene and trichlorethylene from the air like no other plant.
  • The plant is poisonous to pets in small sizes, but not life-threatening.
  • Prefers a spot in partial shade.

Always place the plant in a spot in partial shade, and preferably ensure a temperature between 16 and 24°C. The plant does not tolerate temperatures below 10°C. In the summer you can regularly give the plant plant food.

*The P lant is supplied as standard without a design pot.