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Monstera Deliciosa H: 70cm/ D21cm


The Monstera is effective in purifying the air and in particular the formaldehyde dust. The Plant is easy to care for, make sure that the plant is always dry between each watering area.

  • Easy to care for!
  • Removes harmful substances from the air! especially formaldehyde.
  • This Plant is poisonous, so do not chew the leaves! and watch out for children and pets!
  • Prefers a spot out of direct sunlight.

Always place the plant in a spot in partial shade, a dash of morning sun is possible, but avoid the bright afternoon sun. Ensure a temperature above 16°C. This friend comes from the jungles of South America and the Caribbean, so he likes to be nice and warm. You can give the plant plant food every 2 weeks from spring to summer.

*plant comes standard without pot.