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Curcuma Plant

The Curcuma belongs to the exotic-sounding Zingiberaceae family. It is originally from Thailand, but can also be found in India, Malaysia and Pakistan. Curcuma has been cultivated there for more than 5000 years. Initially, the root was only used to color clothes, but it was only later that the special taste and the healing and cleansing effect for the entire body were discovered. This beautiful ginger relative is probably best known for its bright yellow color, curcumin, which is widely used in food. The rhizome of some varieties are edible and known in the culinary world as turmeric, turmeric or turmeric. This is used for flavoring and coloring food. Our Curcuma, however, is an ornamental plant that unfortunately does not produce this herb, but the ease in care and the calming jungle atmosphere that this plant causes more than makes up for that lack. With the stately Curcuma you bring the tropics into your home. With its large, extravagant flowers and long leaves, it gives your interior an exotic look. Your ornamental plant Curcuma is not suitable for consumption. Specially grown varieties are used for cooking with Turmeric.